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Helen's House

Curated Second-Hand Goods

There are many ways to reduce waste - one that we're fond of here is to trade in your plastic bags for reusable ones.  Another is to decorate and furnish your home with items that have been used before but have years of life left in them.  Helen's House is a shop of carefully selected, pre-loved items for you to use in your home.

Helen was my grandmother and, being an accomplished artist, she filled her house with the loveliest and coziest items.  Staying in her house is one of my favorite childhood memories - it simply was an experience like no other.  Several years back I inherited several of her housewares, and I love how every time I see them they remind me of her.  Incorporating them into my decor has taught me the beauty of of mixing old with new - it creates a distinctly homey yet unique vibe.  As such, I've taken to scouring thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and yard sales for exactly these kind of pieces, and I'm excited to share them with you!  Perhaps you love the idea of finding and repurposing items, but the process of thrifting is too daunting or time-consuming.  Let me do the hunting for you!  Most if not all items here are second (or third or fourth!) hand, cleaned, in good condition, and ready to be put to use in your homes immediately.  I hope you find something here that sparks joy and makes your home a little cozier, all while keeping "old" items out of landfills.  Happy Shopping!

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